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Provide easily accessible, high quality hearing care solutions to all Canadians, at a most affordable cost.


Do hearing aids have to be that expensive?Why does it take nine months to see an ENT?

These questions troubled our co-founder, Dr. Raiyan Chowdhury. As an Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) surgeon, Raiyan had opened hearing clinics in Edmonton, Canada, to offer his customers great value in hearing care.
Why wasn’t the rest of the hearing care industry doing the same?

The Hearingly quest begins

Raiyan reached out to his brother, Dr. Sheehan Chowdhury, a psychiatrist.

Sheehan had also seen how broken the health care system was. Fortunately for his patients, Sheehan had developed novel, evidence-based options for care not offered by the current system.

Unhappy discoveries about the state of hearing care

Together, our co-founders researched the hearing care market and discovered that for far too long, large companies in the field had charged Canadians too much for hearing care solutions.

These giant companies refused to provide better, more accessible care: The bottom line seemed more important to them than the patient.

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The pandemic changes everything

Then the COVID-19 pandemic shut down in-person care. As tele-medicine became the norm, our co-founders saw the convenience and value of virtual care.

Partnering with a tech expert

So our co-founders connected with their good friend Dominic Savoie, a software engineer who had co-founded a highly successful healthcare startup in Silicon Valley.

Our founders


Dr. Raiyan Chowdhury

After Raiyan first performed a cochlear implant as a resident in Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) surgery, his child-patient heard sound for the first time.

Raiyan knew he had made the right career choice!

Raiyan himself had benefited from life-altering eye surgery when he was a medical student.


Dr. Sheehan Chowdhury

Even as a child, Sheehan was comfortable in the company of older people.

Given his natural empathy and deep curiosity about why people act the way they do, Sheehan surprised no one in his family when he became a board-certified psychiatrist, with a specialty in geriatric psychiatry earned at the University of Alberta.

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Hearingly’s values


Bring the best in hearing care online but also offline through our partner clinics.


Push the limits of what hearing treatments can be offered online.

Best care

Support our customers until their hearing capacity is restored


Hearingly brings fun and connection back to our customers’ lives.


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