Signia Pure Charge&Go

Starting from $750 per ear



  • Every hearing aid and pair of hearing aids includes a Pure Portable Charger.
  • 45-day money-bank guarantee
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty

Step 1. Hearing test results

Note: We require hearing test results to program your prescription hearing aids

The hearing evaluation can be done from your computer or mobile phone and takes about 10 mins


Upload hearing results from a test done by a third party.

Step 2. Pick your performance

Basic Sound

From $750 per ear

If you typically spend your time at home relaxing or watching TV, the entry-level option is ideal for those who prefer a quieter lifestyle and intimate conversations.

Advanced Sound

From $1500 per ear

For those who frequent quiet coffee shops and enjoy the company of a small group of people, the mid-level option can enhance your enjoyment of socializing.

Premium Sound

From $2000 per ear

If you enjoy dining out at restaurants, shopping at bustling malls, attending sporting events, concerts, and parties, the premium level provides great clarity even in challenging listening environments.

Step 3. One ear or a pair?

Step 4. Pick your color


Step 5. Pick your receiver length


Less than 25mm


Greater than 25mm

Step 6. Terms and conditions

terms and conditions

Signia Pure Charge&Go

Ears: Pair

Color: Silver

Receiver length: Regular

Performance: Advanced Sound

Delivery: Priority shipping within Canada
Estimated delivery between 2-4 business days

Free portable charger included



What’s in the box

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Signia Pure Charge&Go

portable charger

Portable charger

Which performance is right for you?



per ear



per ear



per ear

Bluetooth Compatible
Volume Control Adjustments
Augmented Focus
Noise ManagementFairModerateExcellent
Conversations in Quiet
Conversations in Small Groups/Crowds
Conversations in Noise1/2
Remote Programming
Hearing Loss SeverityMild to severeMild to severeMild to severe
Water Resistance IP68 Rating
2-Year Warranty


The new Signia Xperience platform, with advanced acoustic-motion sensors, gives hearing aids the ability to understand exactly what the wearer needs to hear like never before.

Product features include Brilliant Sound, Enhanced Speech Understanding, Automatic Situation Detection, and Bluetooth Streaming.

Signia Xperience enables hearing aid users to consistently enjoy exceptional hearing quality, regardless of their location. This ensures they can engage fully in life by hearing what truly matters.

Choose from 3 amazing chargers Hearingly has to offer:

Pure Charger: This small and highly reliable desktop charger addresses basic charging needs for your hearing aids. Two LEDs indicate the charging status, and the charger can be plugged into the mains via USB to a power adaptor.

Pure Portable Charger: This charger provides convenience and on-the-go charging. Its power bank allows for three full charges on a pair of hearing aids. The lid protects the hearing aids and prevents dust accumulation in the charger. Two LEDs indicate the charging status, and one LED indicates the integrated power bank status.

Dry & Clean Charger: This charger not only charges your hearing aids but also features UVC cleaning and drying technology to maintain peak condition. The UVC cleaning starts automatically when the hearing aids are placed inside and is completed in just 15 minutes. Three LEDs indicate the charging status, and an additional LED indicates the cleaning status. The charger also includes a lid for optimal cleaning and storage of the hearing aids.

You can connect your hearing aids to your Android or iPhone devices. See detailed instructions.

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